My services are targeted toward helping children, adolescents, and adults navigate the challenges of identity, social, emotional, academic, and career development. 


Please search the links below to learn more about the specific services I provide.

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  • Psychological Services

    I frequently help clients to address areas of emotional, social, academic, or occupational concern and to enhance their well-being and emotional, social, and academic skills. Click on the “Read More” to see more information on how I can help.

    Academic Counseling

    Academic counseling can be helpful to almost any student whether succeeding or struggling, as it helps them to identify the processes that are enabling him or her to be successful in certain areas and struggle in other areas.

    Career Development

    Satisfaction in one’s career is an essential ingredient for many people in developing a valued life.  As I specialize in working with teenagers and adults in early to middle career, this topic has particular interest to many of my clients.

    Smart Series Seminars

    Struggling with attention and learning, emotions, and relationships are probably the top three areas of concern that bring young people into my office. I have designed a seminar series called the Smart Series to help build skills in these areas.