Career Development

Career Development



Satisfaction in one’s career is an essential ingredient for many people in developing a valued and fulfilled life. As I specialize in all ages, working with teenagers and adults in early to middle career, this topic has particular interest to many of my clients.



Career Development Assessment

I offer career development assessment services that can be completed as an individual service involving an initial consultation, testing, and a feedback session.  I also offer career development assessment services that are woven into academic counseling or individual psychotherapy as career exploration is often an important topic in identity formation and future goal setting.  Fees typically include regular session fees and a fee for each specific test that is administered.


Career Development Coaching or Therapy

I have also developed expertise in teaching individuals to use emotions intelligently to succeed in their work environment. My dissertation for my Psy.D. at Widener University was titled Developing Emotional Intelligence in Adults – The Fundamentals to Enjoying Emotions in Your Life (FEEL) Program).

In individual therapy or coaching, I teach clients to identify which emotions facilitate individual and group work and which do not, to induce moods that facilitate task productivity, to understand how their self-beliefs influence their job performance, and to cope with emotions or other challenges in the workplace (performance anxiety, inattentiveness, hyperactivity, setbacks, organizational change, disagreements with co-workers, group work, cultural differences, gender issues, generational differences).  I also specialize in helping teens and adults address work-related issues that may arise related to  Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


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