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Please Note: Dr. Leugers is currently accepting new clients residing in Ohio on a periodic basis. During times when she is able to accept new client referrals, potential new clients are able to create new client accounts to either inquire about services and/or to schedule an initial client consultation directly online. If are not able to create a new client account online, it is an indicator that Dr. Leugers may not have the availability to accept new referrals at the time.

Your initial consultation can be an inperson or videoconference meeting in most circumstances. Follow up meetings can also typically be in person or via videoconference.  There are some circumstances in which Dr. Leugers would want to only meet for in person meetings. Dr. Leugers’ Ohio Psychologist license permits videoconference meetings for clients residing in Ohio or West Virginia at the time of the meeting. Additionally, Dr. Leugers is a registered telehealth provider in the state of Florida (Registration Number: TPPY57).

NEW CLIENTS: Click here to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Leugers     CURRENT CLIENTS: Click here to schedule appointments or send me a message

Dr. Leugers uses uses a practice management system that enables you to schedule your appointments now (or at any other time of day) and communicate with her via an encrypted e-mail system.


Tips for Scheduling:


  • Please write down your log in and password and keep it in a safe place.  You will need to use your log in and password each time that you schedule an appointment or change information on your account.  You will need to use your password to open secure e-mails or receipts for services that I may send you.
  • Please make sure you complete the required information fields as directed (e.g., used / or – where indicated and do not put additional spaces)
  • You will have the option to complete the Biography at the time you create your account or return to complete it later.  It’s best to complete it when you schedule, if possible.  If that is not feasible, please complete the Biography at least 2 days before your initial appointment.


After entering your demographic and insurance information, you will have the option to schedule an initial appointment.  You can schedule now and/or log in at a later time to schedule or change your appointment time.  You will only be able to schedule one appointment initially.  Once we meet, I will be able to activate your account to schedule additional appointments online.


Please visit the “FAQs” page on my website and review the questions and answers prior to our initial appointment.


If you have difficulty with scheduling online, please feel free to call my office at (614) 344-8504 or send me an e-mail at


I look forward to meeting you soon!


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